Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be reimbursed for tobacco fixtures under Altria’s FRP (Fixture Reimbursement Program)?

Invironments is an approved vendor for Altria’s FRP. Please contact your Altria representative regarding qualified tobacco fixtures and reimbursement requirements.

Is assembly required?

All of our POS (Point of Sale) fixtures, including tobacco, wine and newspaper racks, will arrive completely assembled and ready to be merchandised in your convenience store or retail space. If you ordered a custom transaction counter, food bar or coffee kiosk that is comprised of several cabinets and a countertop, the cabinets will need to be set, leveled and mulled together. If a countertop is involved, you will need to set and fasten it. All parts needed to complete a custom setup will be included.

What is the return policy?

All our products are “made to order” and cannot be returned. We work closely with customers to design fixtures, cabinets and countertops that fit their specific needs and branding.

Is there a product warranty?

All our products are backed by a material and workmanship warranty for one year. Repair or replacement will be at the discretion of Invironments.

How can I pay?

We accept check or money orders as well as credit card payments. Please send checks/money orders to Invironments, 15 Elaine Drive, Hermon, ME 04401.

How is freight handled?

Freight charges are calculated based on each specific order and can be estimated at the time of proposal. All orders ship out of the production warehouse located in Hermon, ME. All freight charges, including accessorial charges, are the responsibility of the buyer/consignee.

What if I have a really cool idea for a point of sale fixture but it’s unlike anything on your website?

No problem! We can make your ideas come to life with custom in-house design services. We will gladly work with you to design the perfect piece to maximize sales and/or increase traffic flow in your retail convenience store.

How do I place a fixture order for my convenience store or retail space?

  1. Call Invironments at 1-877-580-6753.
  2. Email us at

What are the lead times?

Standard orders take 2-3 weeks. Retail POS (Point of Sale) fixtures such as tobacco, newspaper and wine racks can be turned around closer to 2 weeks while a customized transaction counter, food bar or coffee kiosk could take a little longer.